Unleash Your APM Potential With The Razer Talon Biomechatronic Exoskeleton

Look at your hand.

Some see a useful tool that grasps desired objects and obtains food. We see a ponderous meat object of inferior speed and weak design.

These five pronged blood cudgels of sadness have done nothing but hold us back. Weakness has no place at Razer. Our philosophy is if your body can’t keep up, you build a better one.

The latest in advanced biomechatronic prosthesis, the Razer Talon is a bio-exoskeleton designed specifically to accelerate your finger dexterity and movement speed far beyond the pathetic limitations muscle durability and bone density. Any slight twitch in your fingers will immediately be translated into a full action.

The Razer Talon unleashes your potential to hit breakneck Actions Per Minute (APM) levels of over 3,000, leaving your opponents in the dust. Optimized and over-engineered for FPS, MMO and RTS gamers.

Unleash your APM potential with the Razer Talon.