Review – Kirby’s Epic Yarn

It seems like every month I start at least one of my reviews by pointing out how the gaming industry has gone back to its roots, putting me firmly in retro heaven.

This month is no different, with yet another classic seeing a modern day revamp. This time is the turn of everyone’s favourite hungry little pink beach ball, Kirby.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn starts in Dream Land, where, as usual, Kirby is on the hunt for something to eat. He stumbles upon an odd looking tomato and, just as he is about to eat it, a strange wizard made out wool appears and sucks him into a magic sock. Fo’real.

When he wakes up, Kirby find himself in a land made entirely out of cloth, buttons and all manner of other things you would expect find in a hobby craft store. What’s more, he appears to been turned into wool himself.
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