3 Sprockets Release Award-Winning Indie Tower Defence Game Cubemen on iOS, Mac and PC

Get Ready for Crazy Cubemen Action with its’ launch on App Store, Mac App Store and PC digital download services

3 Sprockets, an indie development micro studio, today announced that its award-winning, fast paced, action packed original 3D Tower Defence game Cubemen is now available through the App Store for iPad 2/3. Cubemen is also available for OSX through the Mac App Store and PC digital download services including Steam and Desura.

Cubemen gives a new spin on the tower defence genre, mixing classic real-time strategy tactics, multiple game modes and multiplayer”

“We are incredibly proud of its clean fluid gameplay, voxel style graphics and cross-­platform functionality, that allow players to compete against one another online no matter which version they play.”
as said said by Seon Rozenblum, Director of 3 Sprockets

Featuring streamlined stunning visuals that keep the focus solely on gameplay and strategy, Cubemen is the age old struggle of Good vs. Evil, Blue vs. Red and Little Men vs. Little Men.

In the classic single player tower defence mode, featuring 28 levels, players defend themselves against an enemy onslaught by selecting and deploying troops, including rocket launcher-toting warriors, ice-armed soldiers, laser gunners and medics.

Skirmish mode features 22 levels of real-time strategy-style multiplayer chaos where you compete against either an AI or human opponent. Cubeman also includes local and cross platform global leader boards to compete in.

Cubemen was declared the official winner of the Unity GEE multiplayer contest where it beat 20 other entries to become grand champion.

Out now and only costing £3.99 via store.steampowered.com a must buy for any TD lover or casual gamer who wants help to blissfully eat away the hours as the multiplayer gives you a great reason to keep coming back.